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The Billionaire’s Billionaire Audiobook



Love lost and fortunes gained. Will their reunion rewrite their destiny?

In the romantic city of Paris, billionaire Rowe, and sexy Sable share a fleeting yet intense interracial romance. Their connection is immediate, a flame of love that blazes with intensity. Rowe vanished with a promise that went unfulfilled, leaving Sable longing for answers. Unbeknownst to her, her heartfelt letter, fell into the wrong hands.

Determined to carve her path, Sable, the curvy African American woman becomes a billionaire in her own right, turning her setbacks into stepping stones to success and triumphing over the pain of rejection.

Fate intervened when Rowe tracked her down in bustling Singapore, only to encounter her icy demeanor and reluctance to listen. Will she find it in her heart to let go of resentment and allow love to reenter, especially when Rowe finds out about the precious gift, the secret baby, a result of their passionate whirlwind romance?

Can they rekindle the flames that once burned so fiercely, or will the scars of betrayal forever tarnish their chance at happiness?

What happens in Paris doesn’t always stay in Paris. It follows them to New York and then, to Singapore.


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