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Hello, fellow book lovers. I am Vesta, the author weaving tales of scorching billionaire romances that are designed to leave you breathless. You may have noticed that I don’t reveal my face, and you might be wondering why. Allow me to share the story behind my anonymity.

In a world where words flow like desire and emotions run wild, I’ve chosen to remain hidden, allowing my words to take center stage. My books are filled with steamy encounters and intricate emotions. This persona adds a touch of mystique to the experience – a mask that allows me to explore the depths of romance without boundaries.

Before stepping into the realm of tantalizing tales, I spent over a decade as a dedicated travel blogger. Roaming the globe, capturing stories of cultures and landscapes, I became accustomed to storytelling. My background in the pharmaceutical industry added another layer to my perspective, showing me that life’s journeys are as diverse as the medicines that heal us.

Now, my compass points me toward a new chapter. Writing has always been a dream since childhood and has been my sanctuary. I’m thrilled to finally be able to bring my stories to the world.

Follow me on Facebook, TikTok, and Instagram, where I share snippets of inspiration, behind-the-scenes insights, and the occasional dose of wanderlust.

When it comes to purchasing my books, rest assured that your experience is paramount. Our secure online platform is powered by one of the giants in the digital realm, ensuring your transactions are safe and seamless. Your patronage means the world to me as I navigate the landscape of independent publishing, striving to carve my path in this enticing genre.

Here, on my website, you’ll discover the opportunity to explore discounts and exclusive book bundles. Every purchase supports my journey as a small business, allowing me to offer you tales that fulfill your desires.

As for why my books are not on KU? The answer is simple. I want my books to be accessible to all, including libraries. KU requires exclusivity to Kindle Unlimited readers only.

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