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Billionaire Lust or Love? Audiobook



Losing her is not an option. Billionaire meets Down on Her Luck.


I’m a billionaire and a last-minute decision to check out one of my holdings before selling it off has brought me to Arelis Springs. Since getting my heart broken, I have avoided getting close to any woman. I just want to expand my empire with no entanglements.

My decision is practically made until l meet her. Kara, the curvy woman who turns my world upside down in the blink of an eye and has me doubting it all.

I want to wipe those tears away and protect her forever. I want her to be mine, and mine alone.


I’ve been a faithful wife for many years. Now, I’ve been passed over in favor of a former friend. Will l ever be able to trust any man again? An accidental meeting changes everything.

If you love a sexy billionaire, later in life, and down on her luck trope, this has you written all over it.

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