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Protected By The Rancher



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Rescued Hearts: Love and danger on the ranch. Can he save her one more time?


A year ago, I escaped my haunting past and sought refuge in this charming, distant town. But it seems like my past has finally caught up to me, shattering my newfound tranquility. I found myself in a perilous situation, feeling utterly lost, until my courageous rancher, Fletch, came to my rescue. With him by my side, providing safety and protection, I can finally breathe again. However, just when I thought I could relax, my menacing ex, Axel, resurfaces like a relentless nightmare.


As a contented bachelor focused on running my ranch, I never imagined how meeting Amber would change everything. She is an enchanting woman with secrets hidden in her past. When I saw her in danger, there was no hesitation—I knew I had to protect her, not just because of her captivating curves but because of the person she is. Now, I am dedicated to keeping her safe and secure, even as danger looms.

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