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Billionaire Bundle 2



Save by getting this three-ebook bundle! Arelis Springs also has amazing and sexy men who are not quite millionaires. Dive into their world as they find their true loves: The EBOOK bundle consists of:

Protected By The Rancher: Can this rancher rope the woman in peril that he rescued?

Amber: A year ago, having escaped my past and now living in this quaint town far, far away. Now, he’s found me, and my new life is shattered. Finding myself in a dangerous situation, all seemed to be lost until my rancher came to the rescue. Now safely ensconced and guarded by him, I am finally starting to relax. Then, Axel, my bad-to-the-bone ex turns up again like a bad penny.

Love And The Ski Instructor:

Cam: It was supposed to be another dull day on the bunny slopes until this curvaceous and extremely sexy woman turns up just in time to turn my life upside down. Playing nurse has never felt so good.

Lila’s Passion:

Embark on a heartwarming journey that will have you swooning in this Insta love romance that proves true love can be found in the most unexpected places. Follow curvy Lila and Shane as they navigate from a chance encounter at a laundromat to a love that defies all odds.

As always, guaranteed heat and a happy ever after.


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